The Experiment:

The experiment started on a tuesday, shortly after my arrival home from a weekend trip to Vancouver.  A one-week goal set by yours truly, the experiment asked if I was able to change my lifestyle choices.  Namely, could I avoid eating out for a whole week?

No fast food.  No restaurants.  No starbucks.  No Tim Horton's.  No pubs (gasp!).  No chips from a convienience store.  No "instant meals" from a deli or grocery store.  In short, everything I'd eat for the entire week would be self-made to one degree or another. 

It started off well, with home-cooked meals - panini sandwiches, stir fries, and the like.  And then it began to digress a little bit, as my larder shrank and my laziness to go out and buy more food grew.  French fries.  Baked Potatoes.  And, at 2 am last night, when I was half asleep - bread.  As in, just plain bread

Tonight, I'm going to have a dinner of pancakes, bacon, and hash browns.  Tomorrow is "let's make a sandwich and pretend it's a subway sub."  I'm a very sad man, but so far, I've stuck to my guns.

The flyers arrived in the mail yesterday.  The first few I looked at were the usual sort - "We're having a sale!  Save money on stuff you don't need!" But they got worse.

An ad from Subway:  "Dave, where have you been?  We miss you?"

An ad from Tim Horton's:  "Dave, are you okay?  Haven't seen you in a while.  Who else is going to visit us at 3 am and order an iced capp when it's almost zero degrees outside?"

An ad from McDonald's:  "Dave, don't you love us anymore?  Cute girl has been asking about you."

And then a sad little pamphlet from Heckler's:  "Dave, why aren't you drinking here?  What, have you fallen on the wagon?"

I ignored them all, and went upstairs to eat a little recipe I call "ball of bread".  It consists of three slices of bread, rolled into a ball, and seasoned with honey.  Yeah, I'm totally living the life. 

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