Like the worm that he is...

Two weeks ago, during a very busy day, I found myself in downtown Victoria walking down Government street.  It was around 11 am, and I had just been hired at a new job - naturally, I was pretty stoked, and had the iPod cranked.  I'd like to think I was listening to some really cool, groovy song... but in reality, I think I was listening to something like 1980's Queen.  Y'know, "it's a kind of magic" and whatnot.  Luckily, I wasn't grooving like I was in iPod commercial or anything.

I was wearing my awesome power suit, and strutting like I owned the place, thinking back on the last couple of months.  About how much it sucked to lose my job in the provincial government - a few weeks before the announcement came to layoff new hires such as myself, the lovely MLA's decided to vote themselves in a payraise. 

Then I started thinking about how much EI sucks, how disorganized it is, and just how many people in my lovely province are without work. 

Of course, that's a bad thing to be thinking.  It brought me from "Wooooot! I have a new job!" to a low of "hey, I'm making almost half of what I was making six months ago, and I'm thinking this is a good thing because the economy is just so damned shitty".  A real pick me up.

Then I bumped into a man.  He was well dressed, wearing a snazzy suit that earned my instant approval, with a stylized haircut and a sleek cell phone.  I didn't bump into him hard - neither of us were watching where we were going, but we weren't power-walking, but I still pulled out my ear plugs, apologized, and kept on going.

A few steps later, I realized who I had bumped into.  Gordon Campbell.  The premiere of B.C.  The guy who is directly responsible for the cutbacks in the government.  The guy who voted himself a pay raise.  The guy who - well, I won't go into details.  I think most places have a head politician like this guy - he's really not all that special. 

I felt a wave of anger.  How dare he bump into me?  Hasn't he done me enough harm already?  And what kind of freak wears a suit at 11 am on a thursday?  (oh, wait....)

I was already a few steps away from him, and came to the conclusion that I'd be a real ass if I ran back and bumped into him again.  But, to hell with it.  You only live once, and he didn't seem to have any bodyguards with him.  Only, this time, I'd use my elbows.  And maybe a knee hit.  Take that bastard down, hockey-style.

Unfortunately, he was able to make his escape, like the worm that he is.  I imagine he found some sort of burrow to crawl into.

To make up for my missed opportunity, I used some early christmas money to  treat myself to some Noodle Box.  With extra veggies.  And, while eating, I began to plot my revenge...

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