Weekly Haiku #7 - How to Get More Blog Comments...

Posting better works
a sad cry for help's better
fake suicide note?


(Quick note: ever notice that you'll see a blog with absolutely no comments, and then the author posts something sad and emo-y, and suddenly there's a bazillion "I love you, you're amazing" comments?  Yeah, it bugs me, too)


  1. Haha so true, but I usually only notice that on those emo or goth teenagers that go around with caked on eyeliner talking about death to generally anyone who pretends to care.

  2. Yeah, I was surfing blogs and found a bunch of blogs with no comments, and then "I want to kill myself" and then it was like, WOWZA! And yes, I just said "wowza". Those emo bloggers are onto something. ;)