Day As Night #1: Loophole

I've been toying with doing this for some time, now.  I've been reading far too many webcomics, and I have spent long nights wondering if I had what it takes to actually do it.  Of course, I lack any sort of means of posting any artwork I created, so the idea was out of reach, for now.

Or was it? 

I got the idea rather suddenly, bolting awake at 4 am on boxing day night and rushing to my computer.  The basic joke (and the idea) was put together, though it took something like two hours to actually mesh all the sceenshots together into something that is at least somewhat aesthetically pleasing.  But, I'm pleased to present... *ahem*... Dave's first attempt at a webcomic!

Bonus props to anyone who figures out why I named the strip "Day as Night".  And an equal number of bonus props (one "prop", by the way, is worth exactly thirteen cents, and they can be redeemed in person, though there is a slight processing fee) to the first person who can identify the movie I stole borrowed the pretty pictures from. 

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