Dave and Crystal Meth (!?)

Okay.  Way back, in the late 1990s, I was in a health video produced by the Capital Region District called Teens with Diabetes.  It was an education video, made by diabetic teens who were up front about how they dealt with their disease.

Victoria is not a large city, and people have recognized me from the video.  Of course, I get embarrassed by it - I was around seventeen at the time, wore awful 1999 clothes, and had a part where I played guitar (to show that diabetic teens are just like "normal" teens... as if I'm ever "normal" anything). 

The guitar part, in particular, embarrasses me.  Imagine a really lame late 90s metal riff, on a crappy guitar, on an even crappier amp.  Now imagine a guy that is struggling to play this riff, while at the same time trying to look like he's not actually struggling at all, and trying to look "cool".  While standing in front of his bedroom wall - plastered with rock star photographs.  Oh, yeah.  And he's making a guitar face.

Point is, I've been trying to forget that video for years.  Flash forward to yesterday, at around 10:30 p.m/

After a quick stop at the grocery store, I hopped into Tim Horton's to get some tea to drink on the walk home (it was cold out!).  And a girl comes up to me - someone I used to work with, a few years ago.  Someone who is, shall we say, a little dull.  And someone who has a loud voice.

GIRL:  Hey, Dave!  Dave, right?  I saw you in a video in my class today!
DAVE:  Oh, that?  ...You saw my diabetes video? 
GIRL:  Yeah, in health class... wait, Diabetes?
DAVE:  I was in a diabetes video years a-
GIRL:  No, it was a video for Crystal Meth!

(People in the Tim Horton's turn to look at me)

DAVE:  Crystal Meth?  No, I was never in a crystal meth video.
GIRL:  (Adamantly) no, you were.  I saw it.
DAVE:  Ha ha, trust me.  I've never been in a Crystal Meth video.  I would remember if I had been.
GIRL:  No, you were.  You totally were.  It was you.  David Percival, right?  How would I remember your last name, if you weren't in the video? (helpfully, as if I'd forgotten - presumably because I was high on meth, or something) You were talking about how you don't want to do meth.

(People in the Tim Horton's look at me even more warily. )

After this, I manage to convince her that she was wrong.  That she had watched many movies in class, and got my diabetes video mixed up with a meth video.  She realized her mistake, and then realized that she had basically told everyone in the Tim Horton's that I was a meth addict, and sheepishly apologized. 

At around this time, two guys stumbled into the Timmy's, obviously on some drug or another.  My guess would be, um, Meth.  A few people in the Tim Horton's who had been eavesdropping started to laugh.  My companion blushed.

So, it's a funny encounter, and I'm laughing about it now.  But the next part kind of scares me.  See, this girl is going into the nursing program... the same program, in fact, that I will be enrolled in. 

To put it another way... some time in the nearish future, I'll be watching a lame, super embarassing video of myself, in a class of cute girls who will instantly realize that the geeky guy on screen is, in fact, the very same guy that is sitting next to them in the classroom.  The guy that is, at that very moment, trying to bury himself under his backpack and notebook. 

Maybe I should just start taking Meth now?

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