A few years ago, I was just hanging around the ex's place (back when she wasn't "the ex"), when her cousin came around the corner, wearing a Beatles T-Shirt.  I remember it pretty clearly - yellow with "The Beatles" in a faded red ink... the type face being the same as the one on The White Album.

Not realizing this girl was into, you know, good music, I kind of grinned.  "You like the Beatles!?" I asked, happily surprised.

"Oh yeah, I totally love the Beatles."


"I'm a huge fan.  Love their stuff."

"What's your favourite song by them?"



End Scene. 

I have to say, I'm so happy that the fad of wearing band t-shirts to look cool is on the way out.  There have been multiple times where I'll see someone wearing a misfits t-shirt or hoodie... and when I say "hey, the misfits - they're a good band, eh?" I get something like "who are the misfits?" or "I don't listen to them" in response.

The best moment was seeing Hillary Duff wearing a Motorhead t-shirt.  That blew my mind.

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