A Victoria Tradition

So, there's this tradition among Victorians, and we're quite proud of it.  Being the smug little douches that we sometimes are, we partake in this tradition throughout the winter months.

It goes a little bit like this. 

See, we call up a relative living "back east", preferably in a city like Red Deer, Timmins, Moose Jaw, Winnipeg, or the like.  We don't call anyone that lives in a place of perpetual winter, of course (like Nunavut).  That sort of defeats the point.

Then, as the conversation goes on, we subtly ask about the weather.  "What's it like over there, right now?"  And then, when they go on about six feet of snow, frozen corpses being fished out of ice banks, and missing the sight of the sun, we casually - non-chalantly, even - mention "Oh... it's about fifteen or sixteen degrees here in Victoria.... I went out wearing a T-Shirt today."

This has become a game so well-known across the country that I've actually seen in mentioned in books about the "Canadian Spirit".  One book even called Victorians "heartless bastards" for our smug enjoyment of the suffering of our countrymen. 

Turns out, karma likes to bite people in the ass.  It's been raining non-stop for seven days, it seems.  Right now, it looks like the movie The Perfect Storm outside.  Only, instead of a wet George Clooney, there's a wet native guy yelling at his dog. 

If you live back east, I can understand your urge to call some relatives in Victoria and tell them that, while it may be snowing where you live, at least you're dry.  Really, I can totally understand the urge.  But come on. 

Don't be a dick.

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