I wish I was big...

A few days ago, I was watching some show on the National Geographic Channel about dangerous Salamanders.  Imagine a guy like the Crocodile Hunter (only Texan), trying to find weird and dangerous salamanders.  And, every time he'd catch one, he'd lick it to test its toxicity. 

To each their own, I guess.

He started off with two mini salamanders whose names I now forget - one had teeth and no hind legs, while the second was pretty similar to the first.  The third was called a Hellbender and it was pretty awesome - imagine a newt about a foot long. 

But the best was saved for last.  The Japanese Giant Salamander.  An aquatic salamander around four and a half feet long

I was watching this, and I turned to look at my pet newt, the critter of unknown gender known as Winona Ryder.  (s)he was pressed up against the glass of her tank, watching the TV intently. 

I could almost see the wistfulness in her eyes.

I Wish I Was Big....

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