Pick-Up Lines

Yeah, I've failed at the pick-up line.  I suck at them, in fact.  So, I generally avoid them.  I've seen them work, from time to time... the King of Swing, for example, has used a few.  And my personal favourite was from the Faux Frenchman:

FAUX:  Hey, baby, wanna come home to my place?
GIRL:  Um.  I'm married.
FAUX:  ...is it a happy marriage?

Shockingly, it worked.  Word to the wise: don't hang out with the Faux Frenchman or the King of Swing for very long.  It will destroy your faith in humanity. 

I don't really have any pick-up lines.  The few I have used have been in ironic, joking situations ("excuse me, does this rag smell like ether to you?" or "you know, it only looks like I've been staring at you from across the room.  Actually, I just have a lazy eye.  Two of them, in fact."). 

And yeah, they don't work.  But they can be a lot of fun. 

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