...Finkelstein? Really?

Tomorrow, I head into Vancouver with the Shlesbian, Squee, and the Shlesbian's boyfriend to catch a hockey game - Canucks vs. Sharks.  Hopefully, someone will bring a camera, and I can post the photos of the Sharks' inevitable win, and the bruises I get on my body for laughing in the faces of all the Canucks fans around me.

That's all cool.  What bothers me, though, is the fact that I *still* don't have a name for The Shlesbian's boyfriend!  I mean, that's a very lame nickname - it kind of gives him no identity of his own.  Like Matt Damon. 

However, I have a few names kicking around... most of which were just taken from random things that popped in my head while walking (which is, also, where most of my blog nicknames come from).  So, here's my top three list of nicknames:
  1. Finklestein (no idea where it came from)
  2. Autograph (based on an autographed Cheechoo card he gave me)
  3. Hot Wing (because he ate the Fuck Off Hot Wings and lived)
And I'm not really a fan of any of them.  Hopefully, something crazy happens in Vancouver that leads to an obvious nickname - I'm hoping for a hockey riot or for one of the more "colourful" residents of the streets to make a proposition.  I'll even settle for a fart joke, at this point.

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