A quick note:

So, my last few posts have been a little "blah".  I seem to have spent a little bit of time griping about the conditions in my "fair city", and being all drab and pessimistic isn't really the point of this blog.  Really, that's what I do in the rest of my time.  So, I apologize for the last few downer posts. 

I blame it on the rain, and the near deluge-like conditions going on.  I have to say, it's getting biblical right now.  Seriously.  The guy next door is building an ark.

And filling it with transvestite hookers.  Actually, I should call the cops.  Some of them have kind of gone missing.  The street is lined with feather boas, and no one is there to wear them. 

Anyways, the point of it all is, I've written a bunch of upbeat (for me, at least) posts for the next week.  So this half-week of "man, Victoria sucks!" is officially over. 

The rest of the week is fully dedicated to "man, this blog sucks!"

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