Interior Cell Design For the Criminally Insane

Apparently, some minimum security prisons in the United States have rules that allow inmates access to the internet.  Some may call this a sham, or a policy that is dangerous for the average U.S. civilian - after all, why should convicts get access to the outside world? 

I, for one, welcome this policy.  If only because, if I play my cards right, I can pick up some extra web traffic.  So, if you know anyone in a minimum security prison, make sure you send them my way. 

In fact, I'll sweeten the pot a little bit.  From now on, saturdays will be "Prison Saturdays", and will be dedicated entirely to the convicts of the United States of America.  Each week, I'll have a post with a topic that is of interest primarily to the prison population.  Upcoming topics will include:
  • How to turn your Puerto Rican cellmate into a shank
  • Why all your loved ones have forgotten you, and no longer remember your face
  • Why prison guards cannot live without their spleens
  • Bros can be hoes (if you're horny enough)
  • Interior cell design for the criminally insane
As you can see, there are going to be a lot of topics of interest to the web-surfing prisoner.  Naturally, I imagine I'll be rolling in the page hits in no time flat, and...

...oh, wait.  Turns out, they don't get internet access, and I was just lying because I didn't have anything else to write.  I'm a sad little man.

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