Music Mondays - November Playlist

These, dear friends, are the ten tunes I've been listening to as of late.  Normally, November is all about angry music for some reason, but this year, I'm going in an entirely different direction.  An almost entirely indie direction.  After all, it's a well-known fact that Indie music is prime movember beard-growing music
  1. "Fools" by The Dodos
  2. "Song About California" by Hey Ocean!
  3. "Greetings in Braille" by The Elected
  4. "Dinu Lipatti's Bones" by The Mountain Goats
  5. "Fly Away" by Poe
  6. "Tic Toc" by Mother Mother
  7. "Pink Noise" by Most Serene Republic
  8. "Multiply" by Jamie Lidell
  9. "Body's Warm" by Jon and Roy
  10. "You Have Been Loved" by Sia
Also, blog posts haven't been forthcoming due entirely to technical difficulties.  Which is lame, because I have two absolutely amazing posts coming up, with glorious pictures!  Both involve bars but (curiously) not much in the way of alcohol consumption.  But silly blogger and Dave's even sillier computer...

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