There are some changes in this blog coming up on the horizon.  Once I've got myself some steady income flowing in and have liquid assets again (curse you, abject poverty!), Newt's crazy updates will commence.

What changes, you ask?

Well, it's begun to occur to me that maybe I should narrow this blog down a bit.  See, as it stands, it's just a resting place for memories and observations by yours truly.  And, while this might be interesting to the few (relatively speaking) people who know me, it really means absolutely nothing to the unwashed masses.

The goal is, starting relatively soon, to focus this blog more on Victoria and Vancouver Island - with a focus on the music scene.  I'll be writing about random occurences still, but things like "Film Friday" will follow the way of the dodo.  The goal is to write more about live shows, new bands, and the goings-on in this lovely city o' mine.

I'm kind of looking forward to it.  So, yeah. 

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