409 hours!?

"I am not really much of a video game person."

I say this fairly often, probably because I look like the type of person that should be a video game person.  And, well, I've recently come to the conclusion that maybe all this time I've been lying to myself. 

I would say "hey, I only play three games - Civilization, Halo, and X-Com.  I'm obviously not a video gamer."

And I would believe it.

A few days ago, I was writing a blog post when I accidentally opened up my Steam account.  This account apparently tells you how many total hours you have spent playing games.  And I was stunned to see this: 

Yyup.  Four hundred and nine hours.  And this is a game I've owned a little over a year.  To put it another way, I've spent seventeen days playing this game. 

And x-com is my least-played game out of those three I listed.  I seriously dread to see how many hours I've spent playing the various halo or civilization games.

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