I stand corrected.

I just found out that Chuck Berry isn't dead.  He has never, in fact, been dead.  He was "not alive" throughout much of human history, coming to life only very recently in geological terms.  However, he is not dead.

This really threw me for a loop.  I've been under the assumption that he died of Tuberculosis in the 1960s, which is why he didn't sue Michael J. Fox for that scene in Back to the Future that implies Mr. Berry stole his trademark sound from a time-travelling kid from the 1980s. 

Seriously, now.  My facebook occasionally provides me with information about my interests, and it told me that there was a concert in Ireland that Chuck Berry would be unable to attend.  This made me laugh, because I was sure it was one of those stupid jokes - like, I'm throwing a party, but unfortunately, Elvis will not be able to attend.  In fact, when I read the notice, I may have said "of course he can't attend... he's been dead for half a century!"

Nope.  I'm wrong.  Mr. Berry is still very much alive.  And, in fact, he's still doing concerts.  At ninety-four. 

Boy, got egg on my face. 

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