Movember Update, as well as a work update... plus... the noodle box.

A few fun facts, to keep y'all informed:

1)  I caved in and shaved off my movember beard.  It had to be done - I had a job interview and a date, and didn't want to look like a homeless person.  I actually looked sort of like a red-headed amish guy, as there was absolutely no moustache.  Don't worry, I have photos.  And yes, I will be making my donation to the Canadian Cancer Society to pay my reparations.

2)  I am no longer unemployed.  This is a very good thing;  after all, it means I can go ahead with phase 1 of the blog renewal project!  Super stoked on that.

3)  Did I mention that there is a brand new Noodle Box opening across the street from my new job?  Did I mention that, upon finding this out, I actually jumped about three feet in the air and laughed with pure joy?

That is all. 

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