Dolphins with Prostate Cancer...

My friend Manga had a bake sale today, and so I grabbed a bus and went all the way down to Cadboro Bay to buy some of her cookies and support prostate cancer research.

Only 75% of the cookies I ate were delicious.  See, I had a great chocolate cookie, and then I had half a super sweet cookie that caused my mouth to send an urgent message to my brain, that went something like this:

Dude.  You know you're diabetic, right?  This shit is way too sweet.

After having tea and chatting for a bit with Manga (who was wearing the world's coolest 1960's style apron), I was given a challenge - create a children's book on the subject of dolphins with prostate cancer, and why all dolphins need to drink more milk.

This is quite the challenge.  But I think I'm up to it.  Because I think it's a story that needs to be told.  There are far too many prostate cancer-related deaths among dolphinkind.  I mean, it's the second largest killer among dolphins, beaten only by super-delicious tuna nets.

I can't figure out a way to segue out of that.  So I'm just gonna go with the classic "Aaaannnnnnyways....."

Later, I walked all the way home from Cadboro Bay.  I live near Mayfair mall.  For those who don't know much about Victoria geography... it's about an hour and a half walk, if you're a fast walker like me. 

To put it in musical terms, it was the entire length of the Dodo's album Visiter, along with the entirety of the Beatles' Abbey Road and a good chunk of the Mountain Goats' Sunset Tree.  And yes, I measure time in album lengths.  Because I'm just that much of a nerd. 

It's cold as balls in Victoria right now, but I have to say, even in the last days of November, it's still an amazingly beautiful city to stroll through.  I highly recommend everyone go out there and just walk - it'll remind you just how awesome this city of ours is. 

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  1. I need a cooler nickname30 November 2010 at 23:54

    Thanks for supporting! I get to see that amazing pink moustache in person tomorrow, and I'll ask him how much money we raised for cancer research :)