Music Mondays - Matt and Kim (with footnotes!)

Friday night, and my friend Mangaa and I were sitting in my apartment.  A little bored, we decided to swap musical bands.  Focusing on the area where our tastes converge, we swapped the names and videos of super cheerful indie bands.  I told her about Mother Mother, Christian Hansen and the Autistics, and Rah Rahb.

And she told me about Matt and Kim.

Imagine a two piece band - a girl on drums, and a guy singing and playing an instrument.  Sound sort of like the White Stripes?  Well, imagine the white stripes, only they're much, much happier.  And instead of playing blues-inspired rock, they're playing pop music you can dance to.  Oh, and instead of being divorced and angry-looking, they're dating and clearly in love with each other and the world around themc

How have I not heard of these two?  I mean, I'm kind of embarrassed that I'm learning about them just now.  How can I be a music fan who also loves youtube, and yet still be unaware?  I'm pretty sure the answer has something to do with global warming, but I'm not entirely sure how.  I'll get back to you on thatd.

It might take a while, though, because I have a feeling I'll be listening to these guys for a bit.  It really is detrimental to your mental and emotional well-being to avoid these guys - some guys blow money on therapy to feel better, but wiser men spend a couple of bucks on a Matt and Kim album.  And not only is the Matt and Kim album cheaper, but it also involves absolutely no cigar-smoking therapists that want you to talk about your mothere

Matt and Kim are just so damned cheerful and happy that, after watching a few of their videos, you can't help but feel happy.  The look of sheer joy on Kim's face as she plays rather basic drum beats, or the look of pleasure and contentment on Matt's face as he pounds through a keyboard line - these are looks of sublime human happinessf

Don't believe me?  Check out their videos - whether it's the cramped happiness of Daylight, the free-spirited striptease of Lessons Learnedg, or the literal "food fight" of Yea Yeah.  Watch those videos, and you will find yourself a happier person.  Your faith in humanity will be restored.

a.  (Pssst - not her real name!)
b.  Have I not talked about Rah Rah yet?  I really should do that one of these days...
c.  Also, Matt and Kim have never had their music in a crappy ipod commercial. 
d.  I have a theory involving dolphin farts, a plastic garbage bag the size of mexico, and Ray Liotta. 
e.  Sometimes a cigar is just a penis, doch
f.  Sort of like that feeling you get when you see an obnoxious child get punched in the groin.
g.  Lesson Learned:  cops are apparently afraid of grabbing a naked woman, but have no problem wrestling a naked dude to the ground. 
h.  Wait.  Did I say penis?  I meant "cigar"i
i.  Alright.  You caught me.  I actually meant "penis".

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