Guitar Shenanigans

I had a nice long post here about how to read guitar tab literature, and how sometimes the people (even professionals) who transcribe it make really silly errors.  And how these errors can really get in the way for those trying to learn relatively simple songs.

But the moral of the story was that I figured out a much easier way to play Mother Mother's "Tic Toc" than the suggested way, and now I just want to brag. 

It took me less than an hour to learn the song.  And it got me really psyched about playing music again.  I've been strumming my guitar for the last few hours, just having fun.  Sometimes, life is peachy when you're on EI - you don't come home all stressed out about work.  You just... play guitar and write songs that no one is ever going to hear because, let's face it, they suck.   

Flip side of the coin? 

Realizing you have absolutely no spare cash for things like guitar strings.  And that those songs you wrote are probably going to come back and embarrass you at some point in the future. 


P.S. to my good pal Kate - I'm sorry in being so far behind on penpalery!  I had mail written up, but it was too long and it sucked, so I'm re-writing it so that it's awesome.  Also, do you want me to send you a guitar tuner?  It's one of my old ones, and while it's not perfect, it's better than nothing.  I was going to ask you in letter format, but it's quicker this way.

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