Film Friday: I've had it with these monkey-fighting snakes....

I'm a big fan of movies.  But I absolutely *hate* watching movies on TV.  The reason is pretty simple - the movie has been edited, often heavily, to fit TV censors.  Sometimes, the censors will even cut out vital scenes which are referenced later in the film.  Last week, I saw a short film on the independant movie channel that had the entire LAST SCENE cut.  You know, the important scene that closes out the film? 

But language censors are the best.  You know, those movies where they do a voiceover, so that instead of John McClane saying "Yipee Kay Yay, mother fucker" he says "Yippee Kay Yay, Melon Farmer"?

That stuff is golden.  Case in point: 

(warning - SOOOO not safe for work!  So many curses, so little time!)

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