Music Mondays - Christian Hansen and the Autistics

While listening to CBC Radio 3, I came across a very strange little band.  And, as you all know, I'm quite the fan of strange little bands.  But this one stood out among all those other strange little bands for one simple reason - they were making a type of music I usually hate.

It's electronic.  It has a dance music vibe to it, with maybe a touch of industrial or 80s new wave thrown in.  The drum beats are simplistic, and the instrumentation is almost entirely digital.  And yet, after listening to songs like Don't Leave Her Out, High School's Over, and Cocaine Trade, I found myself nodding my head in a very Roxbury-esque fashion. 

The band hails from Edmonton, Alberta and they are known as Christian Hansen and the Autistics.  They get five gold stars for the name alone.  And then you watch their videos and live feeds, and you just fall in love with them - 1980s cheese, combined with over-the-top indie self-deference and simple yet complex dance beats with just a hint of early punk thrown in for good measure.

The lead singer (Mr. Hansen, I presume?) kind of reminds me of Rick Astley, in a bizarre sort of way - but rather than the crazy humour involved in rick-rolling, he's in on the joke.  And somehow, that makes it all better. 

All in all, a good collection for driving, cleaning the house, or cheering up the missus.  And definitely a band I'm going to check out when they roll into town.


  1. awesome Band.Best Lyrics i have heard in awhile.

  2. They're the best! Hometown pride.

  3. Best Live Show ever.Great songwritting.Dance Dance