Ten Best Bands?

Went out and did a bit too much drinking after the Sharks vs. Canucks game (holy crap was it a blowout.  Unfortunately, it blew in the wrong way.  6-1 Canucks.  Gah).  It was, all in all, an awesome night, involving yours truly getting a free San Jose Sharks jersey.  However, at ten am in the morning, yours truly is a bit too hungover to fully write an engaging post. 


Anyways.  The Times Colonist (Victoria's newspaper) went and put together a list of the city's ten best bands.  It's a great list, with live videos of each band. I paraphrase for posterity:

  1. Wolf Eyes
  2. Cobblestone Jazz
  3. This Old Town
  4. Vince Vacarro
  5. Acres of Lions
  6. Maurice
  7. Jets Overhead
  8. Aidan Knight
  9. Current Swell
  10. Jon and Roy
It's come to my attention that I've only seen five of those bands.  This needs to be rectified... have some work cut out for me over the next month, eh?

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