I can think of worse ways to go...

There's this great bit in one of my favourite books ever written, Nick Hornby's High Fidelity.  Basically, he speaks about just how difficult it is to make a mixed CD.  Now, in the book, it's written in the context of making a CD for a crush or a woman you're romantically interested in, and the whole section is sort of a metaphor for how the narrator views romance. 

But the fact is, even outside of that context, he's absolutely right - making a mixed CD is hard.  And it doesn't matter who it's for - your best friend, your mother, or whoever.  There are rules to making a mixed CD, and it's just one big headache. 

I've been working on making one mixed CD for the last week or so.  Literally - a week.  I keep listening to albums I have on itunes, and just when I think I've got the mix figured out, I think a bit more on it or pick up a new song off itunes and realize I need to change everything.  

If people find me next week, dead in my chair with itunes open in front of me, they can safely assume that I died of a brain aneurysm brought upon due to mixed CD deliberations.  The coroner will take a look at my corpse, with blood trickling out of the ear, and instantly conclude it was "musical homicide".

He'll take a long pull on his cigarette, lower his shades, and make a comment about how Steve Jobs has a lot to answer for.  Then the theme song to CSI: Victoria will begin. 

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