Whoa, this is cool....

I'm not always a big fan of putting links in my blog - it seems very counter-productive to say "Hey, go somewhere else!  Anywhere but this blog!".  But sometimes, it just has to be done.

That, my friends, is the new music video from the band Hollerado.  You may remember that I wrote a rather passionate blog post about them only a week or so ago.  Or, maybe you don't.

Anyways, about a week after Rifflandia, they released this video, which is going viral on youtube and is already being described as the "Next O.K. Go".  Since the music video is awesome, and the music is definitely better than O.K. Go, things are looking pretty damned peachy for Hollerado. 

Seriously, check them out, buy their record in a bag, and listen to rock and roll the way it should be played. I actually picked up the album last week, and it's amazingly fun - not only does the album come with a list of ways to recycle the bag ("Put your lunch sandwich in it!") but it also comes with temporary tattoos, stickers, fortune cookies (bring them to a live show and they'll give you presents, apparently), and confetti!  Which is pretty damn nifty.

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