Just dust and echoes...

I'm not really much of a video game guy.  I have an Xbox, and have about twenty games - most of which I picked up on sales or received as gifts.  After playing a game for about an hour or so, I start get bored.  My legs begin to ache.  And before you know it, the Xbox is off and I'm up and doing something a bit more productive.

There are a few games that can break down my usual restlessness, and these games are very dangerous.  Because they are so incredibly addictive.  Seriously, the surgeon general should issue a warning, and post pictures of fat gamers, which cheeto-encrusted fat guy beards, on the cover of the game so that potential purchasers know what they're getting into - "WARNING:  BUYING THIS GAME COULD TURN YOU INTO MICHAEL MOORE". 

Or something like that.

There are only a few games, thankfully, that are truly addictive.  The various Civilization games spring to mind (I don't even start playing one unless I know I have the night free).  A few rare puzzle games.  NHL games.  And, of course, the Halo franchise.

I've been playing them since the first one, when my brother got it for christmas and we spent the entire day going through the co-op mode together before laughing like maniacs during the game's climactic finish (where you drive a jeep through an exploding spaceship while being attacked by aliens).  I waited in line at midnight with my girlfriend at the time to pick up Halo 2 the moment it was launched.  I got an Xbox 360 almost entirely so I could play Halo 3.  When Halo: ODST came out, Squee came over and we ran through almost the entire co-op campaign together - and I explained at length how the cast of Firefly did most of the voices for the game. 

So, yeah.  Halo: Reach just came out.   And that means that yours truly has been on the couch for the better part of three hours every day, pwning n00bs. 

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