I read a lot of webcomics.  In fact, reading the webcomics is sort of a morning tradition for me - wake up, put on some tea, and browse the internet while I regret getting out of bed and shiver in my icecold apartment, simultaneously fighting the urge to turn on the electric heating. 

Anyways, I figured I'd post some links to my favourites.  These are all comics currently being released at least once a week, and all are worth checking out. 

Amazing Super Powers:  There is no plotline to this comic.  Or regular characters.  Or anything that could really sum it up easily.  Basically, it's just skewed humour, written by guys primarily for guys.  There are jokes about beating up children, sexual inadequacy, movie plot holes, dinosaurs, ghosts, and so much more!

Extra Ordinary:  Sickeningly cute, semi-autobiographical comic about a girl, her cat, and her boyfriend.  She acts like a six year old most of the time, and, well... I don't know.  It's really hard to explain, because the whole strip is basically non sequitors. 

Fudge That Sugar:  Observational comic about a rather odd girl, and some of the bizarre stuff that happens in her life.  At its best, it reminds me almost of a webcomic version of Seinfeld, only with the role of Jerry being played by a spectacled Canadian twenty-something.  

Penny Arcade:  Blah blah blah.  Penny Arcade.  Blah blah blah.  Video Games.  Blah blah blah.  Most well known Webcomic out there.  Blah blah.  Revolutionized the webcomic field.  Blah blah blah.  Bird sex.  Blah blah blah....
Questionable Content: You've read QC, right? No? Okay, here's the basic rundown: an Indie guy gets a crush on an Indie girl. They flirt outrageously for a long time, and then some drama develops. And then the series gets funny. It has poo jokes, crazy robots, charming OCD women, smarmy goth girls, clueless guys, more poo jokes, and a yelling bird.
xkcd:  Another really well-known webcomic.  This one is science-oriented, with jokes about tech support, math, schrodinger's cat, and geocaching.  I have to admit... sometimes I don't get the jokes.  Because I am not a science guy.  But when it's funny, it's friggin' hi-larious.  Also, there are several websites dedicated to explaining the xkcd jokes.  And that's funny in and of itself.

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