Holy Mackeral!

This isn't a very popular blog.  I imagine there are about ten people in the world who read it a couple of times a week, and maybe a hundred who might visit it once a month or so.  Basically, my daily readership is smaller than a soccer team.  I mean, Soccer.  How is my blog losing to Soccer!? 

I'm perfectly fine with not being the most popular kid on the blogosphere - I write this blog for personal enjoyment, and not really the enjoyment of others.  Although, truth be told, it is nice when your blog gets visited, commented upon, etc.  People that read this blog have accused me of narcissism in the past (even if they were unable to spell the freaking word) and I guess I am just a tiny bit of a narcissist. 

Hey, who isn't?

The point is, while I'm perfectly happy with the fact that my daily readership is actually smaller than a soccer team (ew!), a part of me yearns for the wonders of internet fame.  A part of me wants the gorgeous women and mounds of money that come with being the world's most renowned crazy newt on the blogosphere.  I want the fame, baby! 

This morning I was surfing reddit.com and found myself reading all sorts of interesting blog entries.  And then I decided - what the hell - to put up a link to one of my older blog entries.  I submitted this little random piece as well as a few links to other blogs that were not my own, because I like to spread the love - like that guy that invented AIDS. 

My submission wound up getting a +11 rating at the end of the day, which isn't really that huge, but hey, it means that at least eleven people read my piece and liked it enough to give it a plus rating.

Then I checked my Google Analytics.  Turns out I had 1,484 unique viewers today.  Think of it - nearly fifteen hundred people checked my blog today! 

Of course, from how I understand it, it only really means 1,484 unique ISP addresses checked out my blog entry.  And surely some of those are tech geeks that use a proxy to spam ISP addresses when checking out a site, so I have no idea exactly how many people actually viewed my blog today... but I'm guessing that the number is somewhere higher than eleven. 

But only eleven liked it on Reddit... and only one clicked the "good" button on the actual blog post.  Now, I'm not mathematician, but I'm pretty sure this means that eleven (possibly twelve) people liked my blog post, while 1,472 people clicked on the link and then really quickly navigated away.

So yeah, I don't see fame anywhere in the near future.  But I would like to say "hello!" to any of those eleven who have decided to keep reading post-reddit.  And don't worry, I won't make you join our soccer team.


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