Drinksgiving + Alcohol choices

I had some friends over last night, for what we decided would be called "Drinksgiving".  You see, last week was Thanksgiving (or, as Americans like to call it, "fake Canadian thanksgiving"), and everyone went to their parents' place, ate a boatload of turkey, and watched a game of football or something silly. 

I figured it'd be fun to invite a bunch of friends over, have a potluck, play some games or something, and maybe a few drinks, for sort of a "family free" thanksgiving.  And much fun was had by all. 

Except, after the turkey had been cooked and I realized I was now able to drink, I realized I had no booze.  So I ran down the liquor store to pick up some rye.  My choices were:  Hiram Walker, Crown Royale, and Canadian Club. 

Hiram Walker is my favourite rye, absolutely no doubt.  I don't mind Crown or CC, but they come a distant second to good ol' Hiram Walker.  Which means it's sort of surprising that I went home with a bottle of Canadian Club. 

Why did I pick Canadian Club?  Was it because I was ready for maybe a bit of change?  Nope.  Was it because it was cheaper?  It was, but that wasn't why I grabbed it.  Was it because my friends prefer CC, and I wanted to share?  Of course not, hippy. 

Nope.  It was because the bottle of Canadian Club is shaped in such a way that when you pour it out, it makes a "bloop bloop bloop" noise that I really like.  And while I really like Hiram Walker Rye, it doesn't have a bloop bloop noise. 

Apparently, these things are important. 

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