In other news...

...I got fired yesterday.  Or rather, "terminated without cause".  I got a basic severance package and a firm kick on the butt to get the hell out and not come back.  After talking to a few of my former co-workers, I have a sneaky suspicion that the entire office is on the way to being outsourced, and my little corner of it was just one of the first to get cut away.

Basically, I got called in the office at 2:20, and was walking home by 2:30.  My immediate supervisor apparently didn't know about it until about an hour before it happened, and basically had me training the temps on last-minute stuff so that they'd be able to do their job today. 

We saw it coming, but that doesn't mean our head boss isn't a dick.  Basically, we kept telling him that we need more people, that two people are doing the work of at least four, and it was putting us more and more behind.  And he would never hire anyone... and then had the nerve to tell us that, basically, the reason we were getting laid off was due to the fact that we couldn't meet our work load. 

This made me laugh.  Because I'm strange like that.

I'm taking today off, to sit back, play some xbox, and clean my apartment.  But starting tomorrow, I'll be job-hunting.  My goal is to find new work within two weeks.  I was kind of thinking quick updates everyday could be fun, putting my cynical wit to good use. 

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