Hooch Is Crazy

Way back when, my girlfriend at the time made me a pretty nice birthday present.  Matching T-Shirts - mine said "Hooch is Crazy", and hers said "Hooch IS Crazy!".  For those that don't get it, it's a reference from the TV show Scrubs.  And yes, you have to watch that video.  Because Hooch is Seriously Crazy.

Anyways, after the whole messy breakup, I figured this would be a shirt that I would be unable to wear.  Luckily, I didn't listen to that voice in my head.  Because, I discovered a secret - it is the best conversation starter shirt out there.  And here's why:

if someone recognizes the quote, they will inevitably approach me to discuss it.  And if they don't know the quote, they have to find out where it's from - leading to them to approach me to start a conversation.  Amazingly, this works with women, too!  There have been many times where I just happen to be wearing the shirt only to have a rather cute woman walk up to me to find out what the shirt is "about".  For a while, it was even on my plenty of fish profile... back when I figured Plenty of Fish was a good idea.  Before I made some unusual introductions.

A few days ago, during the celebration over Canada beating the U.S. in the men's hockey final in the Olympics, I was walking around Victoria chatting up an interesting li'l acquaintance of mine (and busily trying to guess her original first name).  The city was going nuts, with cars honking their horns and a lot of people on the sidewalk celebrating.  All of a sudden, out of the blue, a woman shrieks "Hooch is Crazy!"

Of course, I knew she was talking about me, so I turned and faced her.   She screamed it out again, and pointed me out to her friends.  "It's him, it's him!" she said, completely overjoyed.  "Hooch is Crazy!"

Without thinking, I lifted up my sweater, showing that, due to random chance, I just happened to be wearing the Hooch shirt.  Her and her friends broke into shouts of joy, as if they had met a random celebrity. 

Did I know these women?  Or was it my PoF profile?  I have no idea.  But it was definitely the most random moment of my week. 


  1. When I read this, I spat out my morning cuppa all over my clothes. In front of people.
    Yeah.. not such a good day..

  2. I love Hooch. And I do know exactly what you are talking about.