Weekly Haiku #19 - This is basically how I got laid off yesterday...

sadly, you're fired
...now that you have some spare time,
you wanna hang out?

(For the record, I knew I was getting laid off in a week or so, so it wasn't a super huge surprise or anything)


  1. Wait, you got laid off and simultaneously became the First Aider? Do they understand you don't work there anymore? That will be some slow response first aid.

    Sorry you got canned.

  2. Yeah, I thought it was odd, too - they made me a first aider on thursday, and laid me off on tuesday. I kinda thought being the first aider would mean I was working there until the end of the tax season. Ah, well - no dice.

    I did tell them they had to strike my name from the first aid call sheet, ASAP. Ah, well. I already have a new job to fill the position, so it's no big loss. :)