Yeah, I'm a wanker.

I made an ass of myself the other week.  At work, on the phone, talking to a customer about his taxes.  Allow me to give you the rough script of the event.

DAVE:  So, what seems to be your problem today, sir?
GUY:  Well, you didn't claim my son as disabled, when he is disabled.  He's mentally disabled.
DAVE:  Oh.  (some clicking)  Ah, I see here on your forms that you did check that, but we didn't seem to do so.  It looks like we may have made a mistake, but I'll need to call the Canada Revenue Agency to verify your son is disabled...
GUY:  What, why?
DAVE:  Well, I'll be honest with you.  A lot of people claim their children are disabled to get the disabled child credit, when their kids are in reality perfectly fine and normal.
(long pause, as DAVE realizes that he has just called this man's disabled son a freak)
DAVE:  That is to say, um.....

I have a feeling that I shouldn't be allowed to talk to people.  Luckily, the guy seemed to like me for some reason.   But I felt like a wanker for the rest of the night.

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