Music Mondays - A Flashback, if you will

Way back in the distant days of yore, yours truly was the guitarist in a band.  This fact has been mentioned a few times in the annals of this illustrious blog, but I shall leave it up to the reader to search for them.  Mostly because I am too lazy to dig up the links right now.

The fact is, we were an awful band that played lame metal songs, and we called ourselves "Charlie c-16".  Our favourite song to cover was the Deftones' "Be Quiet and Drive" which - despite one of a bazillion nu-metal songs of the late 90s actually holds up pretty well - wasn't exactly the hardest song to play... I think it consisted of about three chords and a few strummed octaves.

We had a couple of songs, mostly written either by myself or my buddy "nny" (in keeping with this blog's tradition of nicknames).  And they were all shit.  But at the time, we thought we were friggin' AWESOME.  And that nu-metal would last forever (thank god it didn't), and that our band was on the cusp of breaking and being amazing. 

I remember, at one point, having a conversation with my dad.  At the time, I was in douchebag-teenager mode, where everything my parents said was automatically wrong.  So I ignored what he said... but it came back to me, a few years' later.

"Dave," he said "I know you think this is the music you'll be listening to the rest of your life... but there will come a time when you'll grow out of this.  Everyone's music tastes change as they grow up... mine did, your mom's did, and yours will." 

Damned if the old man wasn't spot on.  To this day, I can't listen to a band like Slipknot without wincing. 

This post really has no moral to speak of.   Sorry.

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