Legless Hockey...

My mom called me up yesterday, wondering if I was going to tag along on her trip to Vancouver.  Y'see, my mom (and my sister) have absolutely no idea how to navigate Vancouver, and she wants yours truly to come along and help out. 
The whole trip is for my family's sake - seems my mom and sister (and myself, actually, but I'm just a carrier - what can I say?  I've always been a giver) have this rare disease.  It's not a serious disease, but there are only a couple thousand people in North America that have it, so the medical types want to get as much info as possible on it.  Which means my mom gets bumped to the head of the list in all sorts of tests she needs to get done, in relation to that ol' heart attack of hers. 

I'm just coming along to make sure they get to the hospital.  I suppose I could sit in the waiting room for seven hours, but... I don't wanna.  So, after dropping off my mother and sister for their fun day of getting poked and prodded by med students who have only a passing idea of what they're doing, I have about seven hours on my lonesome in the lovely city of Vancouver... and I'm trying to figure out how to kill my time.

Of course, Vancouver is still an Olympic city - though I have a feeling the Special Olympics aren't quite as exciting for most of the population.  Make of that what you will, but let's be honest - I think a lot of people have a harder time identifying with the gimps special olympians

Which brings up the question... should I watch a game of Sledge Hockey?  Now, I like hockey... and I want to support our canadian athletes, but... Sledge Hockey (or "Legless Hockey" as I've heard it referred to) kind of creeps me out in a way I can't really explain.  But maybe this picture will:

Am I the only one who is creeped out by this picture?

Now, I'll admit, after watching a couple games on TV, I'm curious about the sport... but it does give me the heebie jeebies.  And yes, I'm aware that makes me a bad person.  But I can't be that much of a bad person.

See, my beloved sharks are playing that day, too - in Vancouver.  And instead of watching the game, I'll be on the ferry back with a bone-tired mother and a cranky sister.  So, this awesome act of human-beingness outweighs the fact that I'm creeped out by the crippled. 


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  1. That's funny.... i get the same feeling when I see Dave talk to the opposite sex. It's creepy!!!