Day As Night #14: I'm pretty sure this has happened to you...

Comic's up!  As usual, click if you want to read, and lesse who can name the movie first.  (Hint:  It's awful, and it's one of my favourites).


  1. Nice job on the comic Crazy Newt. It's been awhile since I've visited you and I'm glad I did. I too addressed the difference between men and women in my lightest post but yours is much more profound. And witty. Is that Norm McDonald. I'm going to guess the only Norm McDonald movie I know and say Dirty Jobs? If that's not Norm, then I'm an idiot.

  2. Hey Lola! You got the actor right, and the movie (except it's called "Dirty Work", but close enough!). Checked out your page, and the "nightvision goggles" bit kind of raised my eyebrows - but it's totally true!