Film Friday: Blow Your Mind? Seriously?

I've been kicking around on lately, which is pretty much the biggest time sink going right now.  I'll go "hey, I have an hour to kill", and three hours later, I'm still glued to my computer, reading obscure Star Wars trivia or listening to this random chick playing violin in a recording studio and making it awesome (wish I had saved that link!). 

I came across this list, titled "The Red Pill:  10 Films Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind".  And it's a pretty generic list.  I mean, Fight ClubThe Matrix?  Seriously?  

So, I figure I'll add to it a bit, and add ten more films that the author forgot.  However, I'll do it in a quicker format, and possibly sound less douchie.  Or so I hope.  So, without any further ado...

Ten More Films that Will Blow Your Mind:

1.  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind:  Ponders the nature of memory and love.  What attracts us to people?  Is it a character compatibility, or the nature of our meetings?
2.  Being John Malkovich:  A weird, existential comedy that is pure brilliance.  Plus, it has John Cusack.  I hear he's pretty good, y'know.
3.  Solaris:  Either the original, or the remake with George Clooney.  Another one that explores memory and the nature of humanity.  Very pretty. 
4.  Pay it Forward:  it isn't a mindfuck movie, but it is one that will change your perspective on life.  And the  original list had American Beauty... which, while great, lacked the impact of Pay it Forward.  So there.
5.  Bladerunner:  Seriously, how can you exclude this movie?  Bladerunner is the original "mess with your mind" film.  What is it to be a human?  What is the nature of memory?  How do we define morality?  Love?
6.  District 9:  First time I saw this film, my mind was thoroughly blown upon seeing the aliens living in squalor in a ship.  It's a great movie, where the humans are the ultimate bad guys, and yet the aliens are far from lovable victims.  Great metaphor for Apartheid that is, unfortunately, a little late.
7.  Gaslight:  An old film where a man tries to make his wife go insane.  He spends the whole film toying with her head, and nearly drives her nuts for personal reasons.  Kind of points out the thin line between sanity and little rubber rooms.
8.  Akira:  Too bad it was originally in japanese.  And, um, a cartoon.  Because it's a great look at how humans deal with power - our main character, Tetsuo, has godlike power... and he abuses it.  As we look into his past, we see how he's longed for affection and acceptance - and then we see how it plays out. 
9.  Contact:  Okay.  Everyone hates this movie because "you don't get to see the Alien".  Well, boo hoo.  It's not about Aliens, idiots.  It's about the role of religion in the scientific world, how faith interacts with politics, and how political systems and religious idealogies can get in the way of human progress.  Also, it's about how much Carl Sagan hates religion... and yet, the religious character is almost sympathetic...
10.  Groundhog Day:  I mean, how is this not on the list?  Seriously, guys.  I mean, really.  The fact that this film wasn't on that list actually kind of bugs me. 

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