Got an e-mail from the boss at the ATM company I work for during the weekends.  It pointed out an error I had made (it was a silly error - I'm amazed he didn't say "you're a moron" at some point in the e-mail), and explained how to fix it.  And then he spent a good three paragraphs telling me what a great job I've been doing for the company.

I got the e-mail while I was blogging.  In another window, I had open an ER nurse's blog I had been reading for the past two hours.  On the desk, I had a bunch of healthy snack foods, a bottle of water, some tea, and a half-read book.  In another window, the one usually reserved for checking on ATM statuses, I had music playing.

I also had a listing of ATMs that were on "keep an eye on it" status, so I wasn't entirely slacking. I had done all the work necessary for the job (and maybe a bit more) two hours into my shift, and the phone hadn't rang in over three hours.  So yeah, even if I had wanted to work (I didn't) there wouldn't have been anything for me to do.  So, I slacked.  And got told how I should keep doing what I'm doing.

Lemme just say, it feels good to be great at your job.

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