Film Fridays: Questionable Previews

While watching the previews for Funny People the other day, there was an ad for yet another American Pie movie.  It looked like your typical umpteenth sequel, with just enough ties to the original that fans of the series (apparently, they exist) wouldn't be too upset. 

For the record, the original American Pie was okay, for what it was.  And the second one wasn't horrible, either.  But it all sort of went downhill (well, even moreso) from there.  So, I avoid the movies almost as much as I avoid the plague.  Or Diet Pepsi.

Anyways, during the preview for this movie, there's a scene where he gets women to show him their breasts due to a poker game or something.  And, amazingly, the preview actually shows the scene in its entirety.  A few points:
  1. Are previews really allowed to do this?  Don't previews have to follow a certain rating scale?
  2. What is the point of doing this?  Shouldn't you show the hot women, cut the actual boob flashing, and then show the awesome reaction shot?  As if to say "if you really want to see these women's breasts, you're gonna have to fork out some cash". 
  3. Most importantly, how come this has never happened at any poker game I've ever played?  Is there a new version of the rules I'm not informed of?
Also, it always amuses me that in any "high school" comedy, all of the women seem to be older than I am (I'm 26).  And they all seem to have fake breasts.  While I could be living in candy land, I'm pretty sure the average girl in my high school didn't have double-Ds that were mostly artificial and doubled as floatation devices.  Which is probably unfortunate, since we lived by the sea, and there was always at least one drowning a year that could have been prevented had naturally buoyant breasts been readily grabbable.

The girls of my school, however, tended to not be of the "mostly plastic" variety.  While quite a few were dumb (but hey, we all were - this is high school, we're talking about here), I'm pretty sure the average girls at my school were a far shot from being absolute bimbos who couldn't keep their shirts on in a poker game if their lives depended on it (that'll learn 'em for playing a Queen Seven off suit!)

This is probably a good thing, though.  If I went to school with those bimbo-ey girls, my already abysmal high school grades would have dropped down even more.  What can I say?  I'm easily distracted. 

(As a side note, I almost made a joke about how you could equate a woman's breast size with their average grade - if they were mostly As, they mostly got As.... and so on down the road.  Luckily, I have matured through the years, and did not make that joke.  You can all bask in my maturity).

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