Speaking of the Sheldon Sisters...

Don't believe how dumb the sisters I was talking about yesterday are? I can give you an actual conversation that happened in class, remembered freshly 10+ years after the event.

It was during a history class - a discussion of Rasputin.

TEACHER: ...and so they had to get rid of Rasputin. They tried poisoning him, but it didn't work. Then they shot him a few times, but he did not die. They tried to strangle him, but he fought on, and was still alive. They beat him with clubs, and he lived. Eventually, they threw his body in the water, and he died of drowning.
SHELDON SISTER: (Raises hand) Um. I heard that's not what happened at all.
TEACHER: (raises eyebrow) Oh? What happened?
SHELDON SISTER: Well, I heard he was murdered.

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