Film Fridays: Indie Filmmaking

After watching a bazillion movies on youtube, I'm tempted to do it myself.  Put down the five hundred bucks to buy a decent camera, and maybe another couple hundred to get some basic sound gear.  Buy myself a mac for editing purposes.  In all, spend about two grand.

...and then start unleashing madness upon the world.

See, I've been blogging, often about movies, for a good nine months now.  And a part of me is wanting to put my money where my mouth is, and actually release something.  I don't necessarily know what, yet.  But it involves barbarians.  And the 1980s.

And a Kraken.

Which begs the question:  how does one film a kraken with a special effects budget of around ten dollars

I'm in talks with Harryhausen.  Who is apparently dead.  Luckily, seances are fairly cheap. 

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