Music Mondays - Any way the wind blows...



(Crap!  I think they're out there!)

(What do they want?)

(A post, I imagine....)

(Like, a full post?)

(Yeah, I think so.)

(Don't they realize you're a busy guy?)

(I don't know)

(And very, very important?)

(I have no idea)

(Don't they know you have better things to do, than to entertain them with your amazing wit?)

(I haven't the foggiest)

(The philistines!)

(So.  What should I do?)

(Um.  Take the easy way out and post a link to something silly?)

(I couldn't do that to them.  It's so lame and unoriginal)

(Well, then, I guess you'll just have to buckle down and post something then, eh?)


Hey, ladies and gents!  I was strolling around the internet, and saw this amazing video.  After seeing it, I just knew I had to share.  You see, it's a very, um... uh....


(*runs away*)

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