Music Mondays - An Actual Conversation with a Credit Counselling Agency:

During the work week, I process papers in a Collection Centre.  It's boring work, and part of it involves talking to credit counsellors... people who try to consolidate the debts of the broke and set up payment arrangements with the creditors.  They have a job just as depressing as my own, and they have to deal with a lovely class of people - people that don't pay their bills, get sick of harrassing phone calls, and so enter a credit counselling service... and then are surprised when they're expected to actually, you know, pay their bills.

I was discussing this phenomenon with one of the counselling ladies, when she said she'd had enough of it.  That she wasn't going to take it anymore, and would just call them on their B.S.  "Just like that song," she said.

"What song is that?"  I asked, completely lost. 

She didn't know the name, but she started giving me the lyrics. 

And that was how I wound up singing Twisted Sister's "We're not gonna take it" over the phone with a credit counsellor in her mid thirties.  And how one of the collectors, upon hearing it being sung, decided to join in. 


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