Giant Gnome?

Victoria is a strange place.  I've pontificated on this before.  But what I haven't really mentioned is that, well, outside of this city? 

It doesn't get any better.

Case in point:  while driving back from Parksville with the Special Lady, we saw a giant gnome on the side of the highway.  And when I say "giant", I mean GIANT.  As in, it stood at least two stories high, and had its hand raised up in greeting at the cars that were passing by. 

There was a house next to this gnome, that was dwarfed by the friggin' thing.

It was surrounded by dozens, nay, hundreds, of normal-sized gnome, all facing their porcelain god in religious awe.  It was like some sort of Garden Gnome Stonehenge.

I have no idea what's up with island people.  But, as a whole, we're pretty much nucking futs. 

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