Another Actual Conversation:

CO-WORKER:  Man, our system shut down again.
DAVE:  Yyup.  It sucks, eh?  We just sit here, with nothing to do...
CO-WORKER:  I can't believe the bosses do this to us.
DAVE:  Um, what? 
CO-WORKER:  Yeah.  They're the ones that shut down the system.
DAVE:  So... they pay us, to do nothing?
CO-WORKER:  Exactly.
DAVE:  How does that make more sense than what they said?  "Sorry, the system went down"?
CO-WORKER:  Well...
DAVE:  Wait.  Don't tell me.  I don't want to know.
CO-WORKER:  "The system is down" is just what they WANT you to think.
DAVE:  Shouldn't you be on the street corner, wearing a tinfoil hat? 

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