Food Stamps

I like to eat out a lot.  And yes, I'm realized that's probably a loaded statement, and you're all perverts for catching the double entendre.  But, regardless of which of the two entendres (entendree?) you're looking at, it's true:  eating out is fun.

I go to a lot of places with "buy ten, get the eleventh free" - they stamp little cards with your purchase, and send you off on your merry way.  This is, in my book, a cool thing.

Until you realize that every day, you're spending five bucks at the coffee shop, and that every ten days, your "Free chai latte" actually cost you around fifty bucks. 

If only there was some other way to get my lattes for free.  When the special lady worked at a coffee shop, she'd push free lattes my way... and all I had to do in return was something that comes naturally to me.  Eating out to eat out is my idea of a good thing. 


  1. You're still "crazy steve"? When's that going to change?

  2. I told him he could remove it.