Music Mondays - This post is a little limp...

I don't really like blanket statements, but I think I can safely make this one:  if it is the year two thousand and ten, and you're still a fan of Limp Bizkit, you, sir, are a fucking retard. 

Seriously.  The band sucked when they were current, and ten years or so down the road, they have not aged like a fine wine.  They are now, metaphorically speaking, vinegar.  One of the most unfortunate coincidences of my life is the fact that I share a birthday with Fred Durst... this is only balanced out by the fact that I also share a birthday with Robert Plant, who is infinitely better than Mr. Backwards Red Ball Cap.

So, if you are a Limp Bizkit fan in 2010, you're seriously handicapped.  If you're a limp bizkit fan in 2010, and you think that it's cool for you to play a limp bizkit album on your stereo while at work, someone should take you out back and put you out of my misery.

And if you actually try to sing along to the lyrics, and say "I totally get what this song is about" - and you're pushing thirty - there's absolutely no hope for you whatsoever. 


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  1. I knew when I saw the title of this post on Trinity's blog list that it was talking about the Bizkit. Fred Durst is annoying but that dude in the bear suit was pretty alright.