Some Observations on July Drinking:

Went out drinking on saturday with Squee, the Shlesbian, the Special Lady, and company.  Much fun was had.  Rather than going into a blow by blow, I think I'll summarize my night in point form:
  • The Cactus Club is a stupid little bar in Victoria that I've avoided since it opened because I felt that it was the type of place that tries too hard to be cool.  I was right.  The fact that there's a chair in the men's washroom is kind of weird, too. 
  • When taking shots of hard alcohol, one is inclined to make the "strong alcohol shot face".  How one responds to this is based entirely upon his age. 
    • A man in his early twenties will avoid making the face, thinking this makes him look tough. 
    • A man in his late twenties and early thirties will make the face, because he knows everyone knows the alcohol is strong, and if he tries to cover it up, it'll look like he tried too hard. 
    • An older man will do his best to avoid making the face, because he wants everyone to think he can still drink like he's twenty. 
    • A woman will drink something that tastes good, instead. 
  • If one approaches a sleazy strip club, you can get in for free by loudly saying "there's no way I'm going to pay to go in there."  I call it the "rule of variable cover charge".  Unfortunately, it works - because once you get in for free, you look around and wish you were somewhere else.
  • The new liquor laws are weird.  You have to buy food with your drink at a pub or restaurant.  Last call is supposedly at 2:00 am.  The pub will serve you food until close, but they will tell you not to order food after 1:30, because by the time it gets to your table, you won't be able to get booze.  In other words, if you want to drink, you need to buy food, but if you buy food, you won't be able to drink.  Sort of a catch-22 situation. 
  • It's fun making up new jokes on the spot to make fun of your girlfriend's 'rustic' hometown.  For example, "What do you call an orgy in Prince George?"  "A Family Reunion". 
  • It's hard dodging your girlfriend when you're sitting at a crowded table. 
That is all.

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