"Who's on first?" ...An actual call from work:

"Hi, this is Marjeet from That Credit Counsellor Place"

"Hi, Marjeet, this is Dave from Payday Loan Place, I was hoping toupdate some files with you."

"I'm sorry, who is calling?"

"Dave Steeves from Payday Loan Place."

"Oh, hello Dave. How can I help you today?"

"Um, I would like to update some of our file numbers. The first file Iwould like to update is..."

"Wait, where did you say you were calling from?"

"Um, Payday Loan Place"

"Oh! We've sent you a bunch of files!"

"I know. I'm working on them right now, which is why I'm calling you-"

"We sent them to a Simi. Why has she not replied to us?"

"Um, Simi no longer works here. She left in early april."

"Oh, no. So, who has taken her place?"

"Uh, I have. Which is why I'm calling you-"

"I'm sorry, and your name is?"

"Um. Dave. Dave Steeves."

"Okay. And where are you calling from?"

"Payday Loan Place"

"So, are you doing Simi's files, then, or should I resend them to you?"

"No, don't bother resending them.  I'm dealing with Simi's faxes. I'd like to update our file numberswith you, so that-"

"Oh, okay. Let me just take down some notes."

"Great. So, the first is-"

"Go ahead Simi."

"You mean Dave."


"Yes. Simi no longer works here."

"Oh, right. Go ahead Dave."

"Right, so the first number is-"


"Um. Yeah?"

"Can you spell your name for me?"

*sound of Dave banging his head against the keyboard*

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