I get annoyed by hipsters and their band fetishes - the more people who know abouta band, the less they like it.  I mentioned this on monday - and I've been thinking about it over the past little while.  There is definitely a subset of people who love being the only people who know about a band. 

Actually, I'm one of those peoples, to a degree.  It is kind of cool to know about a band before they get famous - but, at least personally, I like seeing them get famous.  I don't really care so much if, after they get famous, a bunch of douchebags I hate become fans.  (I do have a problem if the band changes their music to accomodate said douchebags' personal favourites - I'm looking at you, QOTSA!)

But it annoys the piss out of me when I'm buying a band's debut album, and someone nearby says something like:  "yeah, they used to be cool... before they sold out."

I mean, it's their first real album!  Come on.

Even worse, though, are the people who like to show off their encyclopaedic knowledge of music.  No matter the band, these people know of them.  And have seen them live at least once.  And have all of their CDs - and will totally recommend you listen to "some of their early stuff - it's much more raw". 

I want to strangle these people.  Because, frankly, they're twats.  But strangling is, unfortunately, illegal.  So I have a new plan - I will mock them incessantly.

Here's how:  I am going to go and make up a fake band, and print off some band T-shirts for this fake band.  I will then wear this shirt around town, and see how long it takes before someone (upon finding out that I am wearing a "band" shirt) will tell me they've heard of the band before. 

I need a band name, though.  I'm thinking "The 151s" but it sounds a bit generic.  Someone give me a quick name that sounds real! I plan on using the image at right as my "band logo". 

Let's put those wannabes in their places!


  1. Go with "The Swarthy Men". I pulled out my copy of the Silmarillion and found that.

  2. I think it should be something subtle yet distastefully simple:

    $megma (the dollar sign is intentional, btw)


    Or you could go for a more standard and ironic approach, like:

    The Annoying Hipsters


    The Generic Douchebags

    *Astounded apologies if any of these are already actual band names, put it down to ignorance rather than plagiarism

  3. That is great! Make me a shirt I will wear it too!

  4. I will make the T-Shirt, and I've already arranged to have some photographs made of it. It'll probably be made sometime this weekend. I'm leaning towards "The Generic Douchebags" as my go-to name of choice.

    I know the "tour list" on the back is going to be called the "Poser Trap" tour.

    Official Game rules will be posted soon!